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Lydia Sullivan, DVM, CCRP, CVMA

What is Veterinary Hospice?

The clinical definition as described by the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAPC) is… “Animal hospice is care for animals, focused on the patient’s and family’s needs; on living life as fully as possible until the time of death (with or without intervention); and on attaining a degree of preparation for death.”

My personal view of what I do is

I provide a family the framework and resources needed to be able to feel more confident, capable, and comfortable in their decisions and ability to maximize the quality of life of their terminally ill or geriatric loved one during end of life care.

With this there are two primary goals of hospice care: care of the patient and support of the family. For a pet in hospice care, the goal of treatment is shifted from trying to cure or “fix” an ailment, to being solely focused on their comfort and quality of life. This is achieved through:

  • Pain management and prevention
  • Management of symptoms, such as lack of an appetite, decreased mobility, or restlessness
  • Environmental adjustments to maximize mobility and comfort
  • Therapeutic modalities such as medications, exercises, massage therapy, and acupuncture

For the family, the goal of feeling more confident and comfortable in your decisions and ability to care for your loved one during a time often filled with indecision and doubts, is achieved through:

  • Forming a plan to assess quality of life on a day to day basis
  • Defining clear “stop points” for care
  • Discussion of expectations and disease progression
  • Addressing end of life concerns 
  • Grief support
  • Working together to formulate a treatment plan for their loved one that is manageable for the family

Hospice Fees

Initial In-Home consult, appointments usually up to one hour

  • In Mobile, AL and surrounding area … $195
  • In Spanish Fort / Daphne / Fairhope, AL … $205
  • In Loxley / Robertsdale / Point Clear, AL … $225

In-Home follow up appointments, usually lasting up to a half hour, are at a reduced rate of $115, $125, and $145, respectively.

Small additional charges may apply for any medications or fluids administered.

Payment Methods Accepted

Cash, checks payable to EverLoved Veterinary, and major credit cards accepted.

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